Duskbringer Kindred – świetny koncept skórki

Jak wyglądałaby Kindred w odsłonie Duskbringer.

Mihai Chiș pokazuje nam jak mógłby wyglądać skin Duskbringer Kindred w League of Legends.

Passive and basic attacks.The rest of the basic abilities.Ultimate.I started the project with some sketches of wolf, trying to make him into different animals, like a peacock, horse, dragon, bull, just exploring what ideas I had in mind as a start. The coloured ones were first explorations for chaos lamb.Different attempts at order lamb. My goal after finishing these was trying to make a design that felt like primordial order, a godly being that got split into two and still had remnants of chaos. Calming, symmetrical, mysterious, uncanny. My next take was on chaos lamb, with the same primary goals in mind, but this time opposite of order. Asymmetrical, disturbing, unstable, unpredictable, mysterious. My final 4 designs for Lamb and more sketches I had done along the design process. As for wolf, I adored the idea of making order an armoured horse with reins and chaos with broken chains, unleashed.Different bow designs for chaos and order lamb. The final design, with different poses for lamb and wolf.

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