Splash art Majestic Empress Morgana i poprawki Valiant Sword Riven

Na serwerze testowym pojawił się splash art Majestic Empress Morgana i poprawki grafiki Valiant Sword Riven.

Splash arty

Majestic Empress Morgana
Valiant Sword Riven

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  • Fabuła nowych skórek:
    • Splendid Staff Nami: „When the demigoddess Irelia was bested by a heavenly empress, the seal over Talon’s draconic power began to weaken… allowing some of his magic to leak into the world. Once a mere fish who dreamed of being a dragon, Nami has received some of this power, and has found her true form beginning to awaken.”
    • Valiant Sword Riven: „Riven trained with Morgana in the arts of politics and war for many years, but where Riven walked the path of justice, Morgana envisioned a world ruled by the gods alone– ultimately defeating their master and assuming the title of empress. Now tasked with bringing her friend to heel, Riven must face Morgana in combat… or join her.”
    • Majestic Empress Morgana: „A feared sorceress queen from the heavenly kingdoms, Morgana looked on with disdain as Irelia sealed away the power of a dragon. Crushing her in combat, Morgana soon realized the young demigoddess had hidden that power away, and now ruthlessly searches for a way to return it to its rightful owner.”
    • Hextech Amumu: „A mechanical boy intended as a playmate for wealthy children, Amumu has been long forgotten in the advent of newer and more advanced Hextech innovations. But a child has feelings, and within his artificial mind something has begun to awaken that will change the history of Hextech forever.”
  • Worlds 2019 Jackpot opis:
    • „Open to reveal one skin shard from each tier from the following: 520, 750, 975, 1350, 1820 as well as a 1% chance to drop a Mythic level skin.”

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