Riot tworzy aplikacje mobilne i szuka specjalistów (Oferta pracy)

Riot jakiś czas temu opublikował informację, że studio poszukuje osób do pracy przy tworzeniu mobilnych aplikacji. Tym samym jasno daje do zrozumienia, że możemy spodziewać się innowacji w tym zakresie.

[lolquote]As Android Developer, you’ll put your specialized skills to work building cutting-edge apps for millions of League of Legends players who never leave home without their trusty Android devices. You’ll join a SWAT team of mobile developers and designers on a mission to help players engage with the world around League of Legends anytime and anywhere, even if they’re not sitting in front of a computer. As a resident Android expert, you’ll provide teammates with specialized feedback and guidance that helps level up their skill with Android devices. Above all, you’ll help define Riot Games’ future in mobile by creating compelling experiences that surprise and delight players wherever they may be.

Pożądane umiejętności i kompetencje


  • Educated: you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree at least, or you hold a degree in ass-kicking from the University of Awesome and have the industry experience that goes with it
  • Experienced: Android may only be a few years old, but you’re already a seasoned vet ready to put your know-how to work building League of Legends apps; you sport a history of success building mobile projects in an agile environment
  • Tech-savvy: you use test-driven development strats like unit testing for good code coverage and seamless integrations; bonus points if you use the principles of lean product development to build cohesive project plans that keep interdisciplinary teams on the same page
  • A collaborative communicator: you’re always willing to consult when a teammate needs a hand; you keep your code well documented and your tech docs clear and concise; you’re comfortable with any communications medium, be it a conversation, email chain or a holographic transmission stashed on an astromech droid bound for a remote desert planet
  • Player-focused: you back up your engineering skills with a maniacal passion for online games, especially League of Legends, and use your first-hand knowledge to identify what around-game features players want from their mobile apps


  • Create awesome Android mobile apps for League of Legends players, from the very first prototype all the way to release
  • Use your in-depth knowledge of the League of Legends community to anticipate players’ mobile needs, translating them into elegant and engaging apps as useful on a short subway ride as they are on a voyage abroad
  • Collaborate with Rioters from disciplines ranging from engineering to game design to creative design and lore; juggle multiple projects simultaneously, often while heroically defending yourself from incursions by bandits armed with high-tech Nerf weapons
  • Mentor other Mobile team members, providing expert feedback and sharing little-known tricks that help level-up their Android skills


  • Strong experience with Android/Java, Android Activity, Fragment and UI Layout
  • Strong knowledge of threading models, especially AsyncTasks
  • A basic understanding of technologies like Java, Groovy/Grails, MySQL, JSON, XML and REST so you can work closely with web and server engineers
  • Experience with other mobile platforms
  • Pro scripting skills with Ruby, Python or Bash and experience with Unix tools
  • Experience with C/C++ through NDK, OpenGL ES or shaders
  • Work on any open source initiatives or cross-platform mobile apps
  • Knowledge of continuous integration through Jenkins or configuration management through Chef


  • Click the button below and don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter along with links to your stuff on the mobile store or your GitHub profile if you’ve got them. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.


Podziel się ze znajomymi!